Farmhouse wirh Educational Farm and Social Agriculture / activities

The garden

In an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 400 square meters, workshops of “agricultural” activities are developed. Here, children can experiment with gardening and much more. The simplicity of many tasks in a garden, (sowing, watering, harvesting, sowing in pots, mulching, etc.) allows everyone to be involved. Partecipants will know the essential tools to prepare the soil such as hoes, spades, and rakes. They will also be introduced to many different types of seeds, how to store them, and how to put plants into the soil. In this way, children will experience the preparation of the soil, working in a small greenhouse, the collection of seasonal vegetables and fruit, and their transformation to food in the kitchen workshop. Each day, the experience will be structured to enhance the skills of the small participants.

Children are really welcome to our farmhouse in Tuscany!

The workshops and activities with animals are organized on request for children staying at the farm or for those participating in other educational farm and social agriculture workshops.

Would you like to participate in the activities?
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