A social farm in the heart of Maremma


Our farm in Maremma offers the possibility for people with disabilities and fragile individuals to experience life in the country through experiences and workshops. We have embraced the model of Social Agriculture to help promote the therapeutic reintegration of disadvantaged people in the community by allowing them to develop new skills using our land as an instrument of integration.

This is why we love to consider ourselves a Social Farm in the heart of Tuscany and the Maremma, because we want to offer everyone the opportunity to experience a relationship with nature.

On our farm it is possible to experience the garden, the raising of farm animals, the world of bees, as well as savor seasonal foods, the scents and colors of flowers, and the fresh herbs growing on the farm. All of these wonderful experiences surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

All workshops are aimed to facilitate learning-by-doing experiences to understand the values and emotions of country living, and capture its beauty and harmony. Particular attention is given to the enhancement of guests’ skills and resources, through the personalization of interventions, and in the direction of facilitating the autonomy of individuals, expecially of those with disabilities.

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workshops of our farm in Tuscany

We have developed thematic educational workshops through which children can enjoy and experience the overall world of the farm.