Production of Tuscan Olive Oil

Our olive trees were planted by Irene’s great-grandfather Beppe when he moved with the whole family to the farm.

He immediately decided to work in order to make this land fertile and generous, so the olive trees and the vineyard were planted, the fields were cultivated with annual crops of wheat and corn, and farmyard animals were raised. It is precisely in this harmonious context that our nearly century-old olive trees have always produced an excellent olive oil: all Tuscan but with an exquisitely Maremma character.

Olive oil in Tuscany

In Tuscany, Olive oil’s production boasts ancient traditions, so old that for more than five centuries olive oil has became an important and integral element of Tuscan culture.

One important factor in the production of olive oil in Tuscany is the cultivars. Three cultivars represent over the 80% of the regional heritage and give Tuscan olive oil those highly appreciated organoleptic characteristics. The main cultivars spread throughout Tuscany are:

  • Frantoio
  • Leccino
  • Moraiolo


Maremma’s Olive Oil: passion and quality


The olive oil from Tuscany is synonymous of quality all over the world.

The deep-rooted traditions of the cultivation of olive trees in Tuscany make this precious product truly unmistakable. Another important factor determining the quality of the olive oil is the climate, which is why Tuscan olive oil can have different shades depending on the production area.

In the warmer areas of Tuscany, typical of the coast and the areas of Maremma close to Grosseto, the excellent temperatures that accompany the entire growing season make for ideal conditions to produce well above the regional average.

Maremma’s olive oil is grown in a particular environment and it gives us great satisfaction, so much so that some Maremman olive oils have been awarded among the best in Italy.

The production of olive oil in Maremma


Our farm has an olive grove of about 360 trees. If you come during the olive harvest, from mid-October to early November, it will be possible to harvest the olives together and to participate in the pressing at the nearby oil mill. Afterwards, it will be possible to enjoy bruschetta with the “novo,” or fresh, olive oil. Fresh olive oil has highly appreciated characteristics and flavors that are very different from olive oil that has spent weeks or months in a bottle.

Would you like to taste an excellent Maremman olive oil? We are waiting for you at Al Podere dei Nonni!

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