Farm in Tuscany

Al Podere dei Nonni

The Agritourism Al Podere dei Nonni, immersed in the gentle Tuscan countryside, is not only an enchanting corner of paradise where you can spend cheerfull holidays and can relax in nature, it is also a farm in Maremma, Tuscany, that produces good fruit.

For us, the relationship with the land is essential and it cannot be divided from the concept of hospitality since the entire farmhouse, surrounded by 6 hectares of cultivated land, has been developedthanks to the reconstruction of the old family farm.

Three generations ago, Nonno Beppe with his family worked hard to make this place fertile, welcoming and productive, planting olive trees and vineyards. The fields were cultivated with annual crops of wheat and corn and farmyard animals were bred.

Al podere dei nonni (73)
Al podere dei nonni (23)

The tradition of a farm in Maremma
meets a Fertile Renewal

Always, this generous land has paid off and our family has taken care of it from generation to generation.

Today Irene and Peter, who returned to the Podere where grandmother Benigna still lives, revive the ancient property with renewed energy. With them, the farm is transformed and it embraces wider-ranging projects that link the working of the land to educational and social activities.

Infact, our farm in Maremma hosts many activities: the agriturism for tourists, the educational farm for activities with children and schools, social agriculture’s projects for ensuring that our land can be an opportunity of inclusion and insertion for anyone.

Earth, hands, heart:
our farm it’s not just sweat

The 6 hectares of land surrounding the property are cultivated with olive trees, fruit orchards, a vegetable garden and partly dedicated to animals. All these have always allowed us to obtain the delicious fruits of our work: excellent quality Tuscan olive oil, eggs, fruit and vegetables and, soon, a delicious honey produced by our tireless bees.

For us, working the land and producing agricultural products is strictly connected to the farmhouse’s holidays, as an integral part of our special welcome.

At our farm, children can run freely and rediscover a relationship with an authentic and genuine nature, learning how to establish a relationship with the animals learning how to recognize the behaviors and the languages ​​of the animals themselves and, through it, experiencing new emotions.

Together with us, everyone can learn the cultivation techniques and, if it is desired, also can practice in our garden discovering the healthy country life. The farm has an olive grove of about 360 plants, during the harvest period it will be possible to collect the olives together and to participate at the pressing at the oil mill, enjoying a delicious bruschetta with freshly pressed olive oil.

The philosophy of our farm, nestled in the heart of the Maremma, is based on the respect for natural rhythms, enhancing a relationship with nature in the name of harmony and sustainability.

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