Experiences in Maremma

Educational farm, Social Agriculture, Bio-experiencial and workshops

Our farm in Tuscany offers the possibility for everyone, including more fragile individuals, to live life in the countryside through workshops, to experience the human-and-farmyard-animal relationship, learn about the world of bees, walk throught the garden, and to savor and taste the flavors and aromas of the countryside in both our indoor and outdoor spaces.

All workshops are aimed to facilitate learning-by-doing experiences to understand the values and emotions of country living, and capture its beauty and harmony. Particular attention is given to the enhancement of guests’ skills and resources, through the personalization of interventions, and in the direction of facilitating the autonomy of individuals, expecially of those with disabilities.

In addition to the educational farm and social agriculture activities, the experiences in our farm in Maremma allow guests to increase their interest in the environment and agricultural activities, promoting the recovery of cultural, as well as environmental, values ​​of the territory. Last but not least, a further objective of the educational farm is to educate conscientious consumption through the discovery and understanding of the links between production systems, consumption, and environmental protection. Agriculture can be sustainable and multifunctional! Share your educational or social goals with us and together we will develop a path suitable for its achievement!

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Timetable of Activities
8:30 am – 1:00 pm half day
8:30 am – 4:00 pm full day
The activities will be carried out with a minimum of 10 children, and a maximum of 15 children.

Educational Farm Prices

  • € 8.00 per child half day,
  • € 12.00 per child full day (€ 15.00 with lunch)