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Astronomy Laboratory


We both love watching the stars and Peter is even an astrophysicist! For this reason, our farm could not miss the opportunity to observe the sky, the stars and the planets. Equipped with telescopes, when the darkness falls and the sky is clear we could get to know the stars and the planets and discover their position, why it is not always the same and why it is so important. In the middle of the countryside the light pollution is less strong and therefore the sky is the one that shines the most, giving the possibility to see what the “city” sky often obscures. Through this activity, it will be possible to develop skills on the use of the telescope and to acquire knowledge about the solar system and galaxies, all this on a learning approach method and having fun together!

Children are really welcome to our farmhouse in Tuscany!

The workshops and activities with animals are organized on request for children staying at the farm or for those participating in other educational farm and social agriculture workshops.

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