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Aromatic herbs

Aromatic herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage…), known since ancient times, are of great importance in gastronomic culture. They are used to flavor foods, release wonderful aromas, and also contribute to our well-being with their nutritional properties. Partecipants will learn how to recognize the herbs, smell them, collect them, and then use them in the kitchen. The plants can also be transplanted into pots with the option of bringing them home or to prepare them in salt and oil to take home. Roses, the queens of flowers, can be used for floral decorations, while edible roses are one of the most sought after plants to use in the kitchen for their sweet aroma and delicate flavor. Rose petals are perfect for decorating dishes and desserts, preparing risottos or making excellent drinks, syrups, sweets and jams. Our lavender can also be collected to make small perfumed bags!

Children are really welcome to our farmhouse in Tuscany!

The workshops and activities with animals are organized on request for children staying at the farm or for those participating in other educational farm and social agriculture workshops.

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