A farmhouse in Maremma, an ideal place for everyone

“Al Podere dei Nonni” is the ideal Tuscan farmhouse for children as it is immersed in acres of our own countryside where children can play safely and also have fun thanks to the presence of numerous animals.

Our farm has various animals from which we obtain genuine and delicious products such as eggs and honey, while offering an excellent opportunity for children to learn how to relate to the animals themselves.

Rabbits, chickens, and dwarf sheep


In our farm there is a small colony of rabbits, flock of chickens, and herd of dwarf sheep. For all our little guests, we organize recreational and educational activities that permit them to learn about the habits and peculiarities of the animals present at our farm.

Children will be able to learn how to take care of the animals, starting from feeding them, cleaning the chicken coop, checking birth control, collecting and managing eggs. These experiences with animals allow children to learn and recognize the behaviors and languages ​​of the animals themselves, while also experiencing the emotions felt while interacting with animals.


Our bees


Bees are precious insects for life as they pollinate flowers and help in the reproduction of plants, keeping the ecosystem in balance. From our hard-working bees we obtain excellent quality honey, produced with love.

Our farm allows children and young people to learn the world of bees, from putting on a beekeeper suit to managing the hives and up to the production of honey. And, of course, also through “the art of tasting”!

Children are really welcome to our farmhouse in Tuscany!

The workshops and activities with animals are organized on request for children staying at the farm or for those participating in other educational farm and social agriculture workshops.

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