Farmhouse with Educational Farm and Social Agriculture / activities

Discovering farmyard animals

Our farm has a small livestock of rabbits, chickens, and dwarf sheep and we organize recreational-educational activities that allow children to learn about the habits and peculiarities of these little friends.

Together, we learn to take care of the animals, starting from the administration of food, cleaning the chicken coop, checking birth control, collection and management of eggs, which we also use in the kitchen workshop.

Meeting and learning about the animals allows partecipants to know and recognize the behaviors and languages ​​of the animals, while children are able to experience new emotions themselves. Through the activities of our educational farm, children can more easily acquire specific operational skills that will allow them to increase their self-esteem and autonomy.

Children are really welcome to our farmhouse in Tuscany!

The workshops and activities with animals are organized on request for children staying at the farm or for those participating in other educational farm and social agriculture workshops.

Would you like to participate in the activities?
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